Alec Baldwin’s Wife Sued For Yoga Injury


Alec Baldwin’s pregnant wife, Hilaria Thomas is being sued by a Manhattan man who clams he was injured in her yoga class.  In the lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Spencer Wolff says he suffered, “serious and severe injuries along with emotional upset,” during a January 15, yoga class at Yoga Vida.  The lawsuit does not give specifics about the type of “serious” injury Wolff sustained or how a grown man could suffer emotional upset in a yoga studio but this has all the markings of a person trying to collect a pay-day.  As a martial arts instructor, there are inherent risks in what we do which is why everyone must sign a waiver. Not sure if that was the case here, but yoga is much more physical and strenuous than people think and injuries do occur.  Unless this man was carried out on a stretcher with a spinal injury due to some yoga position that no other human being has attempted before, this case should be thrown out.  The courts are crowded enough without frivolous lawsuits and this one is undoubtedly frivolous.  The lawyer on this case probably believes he’s finally going to bag an elephant.  For the record, men don’t have the right to claim emotional distress in a yoga studio.  That is absolutely unacceptable and anyone who buys in to it, is foolish.  Emotional distress in a plane crash; absolutely.  Emotional distress in a defective shark cage; sure.  Emotional distress in a yoga studio; tell it to someone else.  Man up, and shut up.  Have we become such a weak and pitiful society that this could even be taken seriously?  This guy sees Alec Baldwin’s money and wants to help himself to some it.  We live in an ever worsening litigious society and that’s the bottom line.  Period, end of story.

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