Does Anyone Remember Occupy Wall Street?


As expected, the Occupy Wall Street movement is all but dead.  Most, if not all of the news agencies have dropped the topic and it now seems like a distant memory. The Occupy movement was born from the near financial collapse of Wall Street and the high unemployment that followed.  However, as the economy has stabilized and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has settled at 14,000, not far off it’s all time high, people have moved on. The movement all but accepted that fact when it stated on its website last week that, “The Occupy Wall Street movement may have faded from the headlines in the aftermath of the eviction of Zuccotti Park more than a year ago, but the issues that originally sparked it and the activism it inspired remain very much alive.”  The eviction from Zuccotti Park became necessary because conditions were deplorable.  The beautiful little park was virtually destroyed by the OWS protesters.  There were also reports of sexual abuse and other crimes taking place in the park.  Having passed there many times during the occupation, the occupiers should have been removed in handcuffs and thrown in jail.  They were loud, and unruly and Mayor Bloomberg and the city were far too patient.  Wall Street had absolutely nothing to do with the reason these people were unemployed.  In fact, some of the protesters were not unemployed.  Many participants wanted to be there because they were desperate to be part of history, like being at Woodstock.  Many of the protesters were unkempt and mentally unstable.   Not only didn’t they have a real cause, they tried to block the way of people who did have jobs, from entering banks and other offices.  Now that’s not to say there aren’t legitimate issues and that Wall Street hasn’t been indulgent and misguided, but those in the occupy movement were not the people who should have been representing the cause.  It’s up to us to put and keep pressure on our legislators.  And there have been some changes, i.e. credit cards now must be more transparent.  Banks are no longer providing mortgages to those who can’t afford them.  Some refer to those mortgages at predatory others refer to those who accepted them, as irresponsible.  Wherever one stands on these issues the fact remains that the economy is growing and changes to our financial system should help stave off any near future financial collapse.  That, along with the reelection of President Obama all but assures the Occupy Wall Street movement will remain dormant and ineffectual.

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