Nancy Pelosi Speaks Out Against Sequester Pay Cut For Congress


As if I needed even one more reason to despise Nancy Pelosi, she’s made it fairly easy with her latest ridiculous comment.  Nancy Pelosi is protesting a possible Congressional pay cut should a sequester deal not be reached prior to the March 1 deadline.  According to MSN, Ms Pelosi said, “I think we should respect the work we do.  I think it’s necessary  for us to have the dignity of the job that we have rewarded.”  So in essence, poor Ms Pelosi is upset that a pay cut would undermine her dignity?!  Or in other words, a pay cut would be beneath the job she and her Congressional colleagues perform.  Really?  At a time when Congressional approval is at historical lows, she thinks Congress should be exempt from pay cuts?  It’s difficult to fathom, but to think that’s what’s on the mind of one of the wealthiest members of Congress is unconscionable.  Afterall, our military is facing huge cuts; cuts that could affect the integrity of our armed forces.  Our young men and women are out their defending this country and she’s thinking about her pay cut? Just to be clear, Nancy Pelosi’s estimated net worth as of 2010 was $35.2 million dollars.  Since then, the market has rebounded to 14,000, ensuring that her worth is considerably more today than what it was three years ago.  Furthermore, it’s estimated that her family net worth is greater than $100 million dollars.  If the sequester does go forward come March 1, many more average Americans will be negatively affected than the rich Congress Woman.  She constantly refers to the elitist party on the other side of the aisle but in the end, who is the true elistist?

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