Sequester Came And Went And Life Goes On


March 1st came and went and we’re still here.  The sequestration deadline passed and little has changed for the average American.  And little will change going forward.  President Obama, while calling the cuts “dumb” and blaming Republicans, has basically said the world won’t end.  It was all a political game to appeal to constituents as well as fundamental differences in philosophies.  If you believed the politicians the across the board, mandatory cuts, would result in all kinds of horrible things.  But the one thing few addressed, was at last, our Government would be forced to tighten the purse strings.  Make no mistake, the huge cuts will affect many areas but that’s a huge positive.  Our Government is too large.  It takes to much of OUR money and haphazardly spends it without any of us, (THE TAXPAYING CITIZENS), having a say as to where it goes.  Our useless politicians, the ones we elect and to whom we give power, have no control over the cuts that are about to take place and that’s also a huge positive.  Look at the sequestration as the alcoholic or drug abuser who finally enters rehab, or more accurately ending the use of credits cards and gaining control of personal debt. The Democrats, in particular, will have us believe the end is near and that all of us will suffer but truthfully, most of us will see no change in our daily lives.  So unimportant is this issue, that Nancy Pelosi can only think about Congressional pay cuts as a result of the sequestration.  The greatest country on the face on the earth, is about to take a giant step towards bringing her fiscal house in order and restoring her AAA credit rating from the current AA+ where it’s been since being downgraded by the S&P in August of 2011.  Fiscal responsibility, what a concept.  Our Congress People say, yes we need cuts but not these across the board cuts.  But what they fail to point out, is sequestration was a direct result of their inability to reach a consensus on cutting spending and reducing the debt.  This was THEIR answer, so they must answer for it.  Finally, much will be said about our lack of military preparedness but don’t believe it.  We are, and will be, as safe as ever, protected by the finest military personnel on earth.  To put it in to perspective, the US currently spends more on its military than the next 13 countries combined.  That includes China, Russia, the UK and France.  That won’t change with sequestration.  So to say we’re less safe is in an outright LIE, meant to scare us.  The fact is, our military industrial complex is the largest single employer in the country and that’s where the trouble lies.  People will lose jobs, which is never a good thing but we won’t be vulnerable to invading forces lying in wait off our shores.  Sequestration came and went and all is as it was prior to March 1.  The only difference is, the USA is now on her way to a “real” recovery.

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