12 Year Old Victim Of Bullying Dies In Hospital


The family of Bailey O’Neill, announced that the young boy jumped by two classmates, has died in the hospital.  Bailey’s family says he suffered a concussion and a broken nose after being jumped by his classmates during recess at Darby Township school in January.  After suffering several seizures in the hospital following the attack, doctors placed Bailey in to a medically induced coma.  He never regained consciousness, expiring on Sunday.  The boy’s grandmother, Joy Fecanin, told NBC10’s Katy Zachry that “he had to have a blood transfusion after getting pneumonia.”  The students who attacked Bailey were suspended for two days.  It is unclear at this time whether they will be charged in his death.  According to Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan “investigators are trying to determine if the injuries Bailey received in the fight caused his seizures.” Investigators interviewed kids and recess aides who were on the playground when the fight broke out. “We can assure them that we are going to continue with our investigation.”  It is taking investigators an inordinate amount of time to come up with charges.  The attack occurred in January and at the very least the boys should have been charged with something, even prior to his death.  Now, they need to be punished to the full extent of the law.  They need to made examples of what will happen should you bully, and attack another student.  Teachers have become victims because they get in trouble for saying anything to the precious angels.  Essentially, the lunatics are running the asylum and that must change.  The other very surprising part is the lack of involvement by other students.  When I was in grade 7, a boy was about to beat up my friend, who was quite small and much smaller than the boy who was picking on him.  I warned him off and when he refused to back down, I punched him the face, clocked him.  Needless to say, the bullying stopped.  Now I’m not saying that is the correct approach, but it made lots of sense to a 12-year-old boy who was protecting his friend and it was effective.  We must teach our children to stand up for what’s right even when it’s difficult.  Cowering is as bad as bullying.  Life isn’t easy and challenges must be met.  It starts when children are young.  The law or teachers aren’t always around to protect our kids.  Where is the sense of loyalty and caring; empathy for another child.  What values are parents instilling in their children today?  If the majority of good kids stood up to the minority of bad ones, they would have no choice but to fall in line.  It’s the only way the bullying problem will be resolved, no matter how much we hope for it to simply go away.

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