Iranian Women Go Topless In Stockholm To Protest The Hijab And Mistreatment Of Women


Female Iranian protesters in Stockholm, shed their tops in protesting against the symbolically and physically restrictive Hijab.  Never mind that they’re self proscribed Communists, whatever that means in 2013, they are making an extremely valid and legitimate point.  I suppose Communism could be considered the opposite of Religious Fanaticism. They are also believed to be part of FEMEN, the Ukrainian women’s group known for using nudity in its demonstrations.  The organization posted photos of the Iranian women’s topless protest on its website in a show of solidarity.  Women need to stand up for themselves when it comes to their bodies.  Whether in protest of the hijab or abortion rights.  Why are men allowed to beat women who are not covered head to toe in ridiculous garments or have control over women’s reproductive rights?  Why should men be allowed to restrict women from driving, working or from becoming educated?  Religion, as it relates to helping those in need and for self-healing is fine.  But when religion is used to oppress women, it serves no purpose. In Stockholm, the women protesting used phrases such as “my nudity is my protest” and “No to Sharia law. Human rights, freedom, and equality”.  These women are making an excellent and directed point, as nothing is more disrespectful to these so-called “men” who espouse the subjugation of women.  Women’s breasts are only for their pleasure when they’re ready to use them.  Women’s bodies “belong” to them.  The United States of America must therefore vote in a female President.  Make these closed-minded religious fanatics deal with a woman holding the most powerful position on the face of the earth.  What a statement that would make.  Finally, the United States must stop dealing with countries that don’t believe in the equality of all people.  That’s how we can demonstrate our greatness.  By not pointing out the injustices, we are condoning such behavior. Politics aside, Right is Right!!  And we must always stand for and strive for, “LIberty And Justice For All.”

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