Seven Kidnapped Nigerian Hostages Dead

A Nigerian Islamic groups’ claim that it killed seven kidnapped foreigners has been confirmed.  According to the AP, those killed were from the following countries, “three Lebanese citizens and four others from Britain, Greece, Italy and the Philippines.” All seven were employees of Setraco, a Lebanese construction company with an operation in Bauchi State, local officials said.  A message, posted to an Islamic extremist Web site said Ansaru members killed the hostages after British warplanes were reported to have been seen in the northern Nigeria city of Bauchi by local journalists.  “As a result of this operation, the seven hostages were killed,” the group said in the statement. It said a video of the killings would be posted online. An online image accompanying the posting appeared to show a gunmen standing over dead bodies.  It’s about time we stop showing surprise when cruelty and inhumanity is repeatedly on display in countries such as Nigeria.  Nigeria has been and remains a hotbed for unrest, incivility and terrorist activity.  Civilized people need to stop going there.  If you’re kidnapped in Nigeria, it’s your fault.  It’s a backwards, corrupt country that either needs to figure out how to become civilized or continue on its current course towards self-destruction.  Civilized countries need not have anything to do with Nigeria.  But of course, no one will listen to that logic, because there will always be people who are unrealistically optimistic.  And in this case, lives have been sacrificed.  There is no hope for that country, just as there was no hope when I studied its economy in the late 1980’s.  Nothing has changed and nothing ever will.  The government is rife with corruption.  Put a sign on the door; infectious disease and leave it be.  Otherwise stop with the international outrage. “It is what it is”.

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