North Dakota Lawmakers Vote To Ban Abortion


North Dakota lawmakers have challenged the historic 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision, by defining life as beginning at conception.  The measure must now be approved by voters.  The assumption has always been that life begins when the fetus is viable, usually between twenty-two and twenty-four weeks.  The measures passed the House by a vote of 57-35 after it passed in the Senate last month.  What this essentially does is give human rights to a fertilized egg.  It is the single largest challenge to abortion rights since the 1973 decision.  Abortion-rights activists have said that if Gov. Jack Dalrymple signs any of them into law, they will fight them in court. The Republican Governor has not indicated whether he plans to approve or veto the measure. Democratic Representative Gail Mooney voted against the measure saying that she wants to protect the rights of women and families wanting to make pregnancy decisions with their doctors and their god. She also said the measures could unintentionally affect end-of-life decisions.  North Dakota legislators have mistakenly taken on an issue that could backfire.  Despite the fact most Americans don’t think abortion should be used as a method of birth control, most don’t want the government involved in what is personal decision between a doctor and a patient.  It’s also interesting that men, who have absolutely no stake in the issue, absolutely no stake, get to make a determination on what a woman should do with her body.  While North Dakota is a state with incredible natural beauty, it is also a state filled with religious fanatics and that is the basis of this legislation.  The government needs to stay out of what amounts to difficult, personal, medical decisions.  Hopefully the people of North Dakota will vote against these measures, realizing that a vote in favor is a vote against individual female human rights and for, government control of their lives.

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