March Chevy Volt Sales Hit All Time High


The Chevrolet Volt has had it’s best month to date in March, selling 2,289 vehicles.  That’s up substantially from February when it sold 1, 023 vehicles.  That’s great news for the electric/gas Volt that has seen its share of ups and downs.  As a point of interest, I now own my Volt for two years and have yet to change the oil.  That’s great news for someone who hates to even fill up a car, never mind change the oil. Plugging the car in my backyard couldn’t be simpler.  But when the car really shined was during the gas crisis following Hurricane Sandy. Once power was restored, I drove around without having to be concerned about waiting on long gas lines. That alone made the car invaluable.  I was able to drive to my office in Manhattan and back, forty miles, without using a drop of fuel.  I was one of the earlier buyers, and at last, the word is spreading that this technology is actually very cool.  There have been those automobile writers who have said the expensive Volt is nothing more that a fancy Chevy Cruze.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  On a recent business trip I was given a Cruze and was extremely happy that the car is nothing like my Volt.  The ride, the finish, the steering, the technology, no comparison.  But then again there should be a difference when $15,000 separates the two cars .  As a note, The Nissan Leaf sold 579 vehicles for the month and continues to be outsold by the more practical Volt.  No one wants to deal with range anxiety and you never have that with the Volt.  As the word spreads and as prices of the batteries and therefore cars, come down, sales will continue to grow.  Add to that cool models like the Tesla and we may at last be looking at the rise of the electric Car and new technology that will aid in our independence from foreign oil.

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