Former Rutger’s Coach Mike Rice Demonstrates How A “Real Man” Deals With Controversy

Mike Rice

While no one can condone the behavior of former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice, I applaud his “manning” up to what happened.  When approached by reporters, he didn’t hide behind his attorneys, he didn’t make excuses and he didn’t hide in his home.  He admitted what he did, said it was disgraceful behavior and apologized to his family.  Wow!!  Unbelievable!!  In a time when there are so few “real men” left; men who take responsibility for their actions, men who don’t hide from tough questions, Mike Rice stood there, took the heat and didn’t make any excuses.  How refreshing.  Every young man should have to watch that interview.  So while the media and outraged people across the country speak about the horror; some shoving, inexcusable gay slurs and throwing the ball at players, I applaud his response to the controversy.  We live in the weakest most unimpressive time in the history of this country to be a man.  There are few left.  And I don’t mean uneducated, stupid men who beat their wives and girlfriends.  I mean men who take care of the families, protect their wives and children and can still be sensitive.  What showed on that video was common practice 25 years ago.  I’m not defending it, I’m just stating that, that’s how it was.  So the drama of this nonsense is completely out of perspective.  Yes Coach Rice should have been fired but in truth, what he did is not shocking or beyond comprehension.  He’s merely a hot-tempered coach, who wanted to win and misplaced his competitive spirit.  He didn’t murder anyone, he didn’t even hurt anyone.  None of those athletes has the right to be traumatized. People imprisoned in concentration camps for two years and whose entirely families were murdered by the Nazi’s have the right to be traumatized.  People watching their children starve to death in poor, remote areas of the world can be traumatized. It’s all about perspective.  Rice is gone and now it’s time to move on.  The only ones who stand to benefit are the attorneys and that’s not a good thing.

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