Obama Looks To China To Ease Korean Tensions

Kerry and the Chinese

President Obama has sent Secretary of State John Kerry to China to appeal to the Chinese for help in reducing tensions on the Korean Peninsula.  Once again, this President has demonstrated one of his greatest flaws, weakness.  As a community organizer that might be a good strategy but as the leader of the free world it’s misguided and just plain wrong.  While no one wants to see this escalate, the President surely can’t control this using the Chinese to placate the North Koreans.  The Paunchy, little boy, North Korean leader, Kim Jung Un, must be put in his rightful place.  He is like a child with a new toy.  He knows nothing and is embarking in a very dangerous game of chicken.  The President, asking for help from a country that has completely different interests, is absurd.  The correct strategy is to offer an olive branch but at the same time, informing Un, that should he begin a conflict no one wants, he and his people will be the only losers in the end.  Force them to see the errors of the ways.  President Reagan demonstrated the importance of negotiating through strength, ultimately helping to end the reign of terror of the former Soviet Union.  That would not have occurred had this President been in charge.  President Obama is an incredibly intelligent man so I find it difficult to comprehend why it is he doesn’t understand the concept of peace through strength.  As a Martial Arts instructor, I tell my young students to always avoid a conflict if possible but if bullied or pushed to the edge, punch or kick the bully in the face.  The bullying will end.  It’s simple human nature.  Standing up to bad people or evil is the only way to rid the world of such behavior.  Evil cannot be spoken to or reasoned with.  If the President insists on talks with the Chinese as opposed to taking the lead, Secretary Kerry needs to inform the Chinese to reign in the North Koreans or else, action will be taken.  Peace through strength!!

2 thoughts on “Obama Looks To China To Ease Korean Tensions

  1. Well to me Martial Arts means respect and discipline. I have trained in different Martial arts
    now for much more than twenty years. I have seen several people appear and disappear but one other thing that I have
    noticed happens to be the respect and discipline which has changed those peoples
    perception of life.
    Children that have started that might be on the wrong side of the tracks,
    always in trouble and no idea how to respect
    other kids. Place them in a controlled environment with discipline
    and fighting and they soon start to understand.
    Martial arts is a terrific way for youths and adults to get
    rid of their aggression without hurting or bullying anyone.

    • Agreed. Martial Arts is the best way one can find discipline. While we train to be able to defend ourselves, the greater reason for training is to get in touch with our inner selves. Most “true” Martial Artists are very peaceful people despite their ability to fight. In fact fighting is always the last resort. In fact. if the Martial Arts doesn’t make you a more peaceful person, look elsewhere

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