Boston Marathon Explosions Act Of Terror

BMWhile it is difficult not to feel anger and desperation following a terrorist attack, we must keep our heads and maintain calm.  First of all, despite the fact the police and FBI refuse to call this terrorism, it is unquestionably terrorism by the very definition; “an indiscriminate act of killing.”  Now that it’s been said, the important thing is to determine whether it was foreign or domestic terrorism.  It’s equally as important to determine how, as many as seven bombs were planted without the person or persons being discovered.  The Boston Marathon is not an ordinary day.  The entire city is off for Patriots Day.  It is a huge event and one that has always been extremely secure. So how did this happen?  In the days weeks and months, the answers will come to light.  Especially because a number of explosive devices did not detonate, thankfully.  The loss of life and injuries would have been far greater if they had.  But there are reports that one of the injured is a Saudi National.  That of course doesn’t mean he was involved but it would be as foolish not to suspect him as it would be not to, simply not to stereotype this individual.  Once the determination is made of who did this, that person, group or country, the coward(s) who did this, must be dealt with severely and made an example of.  At this time, all that is known regarding the casualties is, three people are deceased and more than one hundred are injured, some severely.  It is very possible that based on the severity of several of those admitted to the hospital, the death toll my rise.

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