Terrorist Motives Are Unimportant, Avoiding Future Attacks Should Be The Focus


Congratulations to the incredible and diligent crime fighters of Boston, surrounding states and Federal Government.  Who would have thought that only four days after the murderous attacks in Boston, the crime would be solved?  Very impressive police work, along with cooperation from thousands of citizen tips helped law enforcement bring these two murderers to justice.  One dead and one now responding through writing.  One strange fact about this case is why the younger brother didn’t go down is a blaze of glory?  Chances are he will face the death penalty, as he should, so why surrender?  There is much speculation about why the brothers did what they did.  The only thing that matters here, is whether or not they were tied to a larger conspiracy and if confirmed, with what group they were affiliated.  Nothing else matters.  It doesn’t matter if their mommy and daddy didn’t love them or they had no friends or they just couldn’t fit in.  They’re terrorists; defined as those who carry out indiscriminate killings.  Their motives are actually unimportant despite our burning desire to know.  That desire is born from our inability to comprehend such a disregard for human life.  How could a so-called human being place a bomb next to an eight year old child?  How could another human being be willing to cause such pain and suffering against innocents?  The only answer is they’re evil, and they’re crazy!  There will always be people who hate us for our freedom, for our policies, for the fact they can’t fit in and live the American Dream.  That is their problem.  Our job is to make sure that such attacks don’t take place in the future.  We, as a country, as citizens, must become more aware of our surroundings.  We must be more diligent. The events of 9-11 changed us forever and we must accept that reality.  We have been fortunate that such attacks have been avoided but at the same time we must understand that it hasn’t been for a lack of trying on the part of terrorists.  We must never forget what transpired in Boston, but when the mourning is completed, we must move on and live our lives.  It is our responsibility, to keep us and our neighbors safe from those who wish to do us harm.

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