Five Year Old Girl Brutally Raped In India

Protests In India

Just when you thought the situation for women in India couldn’t be any worse, comes a report of the rape and brutal beating of a five-year old girl.  In a country that appeared to have had enough after two separate gang rapes, comes one more shameful act, demonstrating the status of girls and women in that “third world” country. Nuclear weapons do not equate to first world status.  The rule of law and equality is what differentiates the third from the first world and clearly India is as backwards as it gets.  The caste system is antiquated and insane and demonstrates the lack of modernity in a country that has been striving for decades to join the western world.  India, is still backwards and not worthy of recognition on any world stage.  In this latest incident, a neighbor abducted and brutally raped a five-year old.  So brutal was the attack, that doctors removed, “foreign objects, including candle pieces and a small bottle, from the girl’s genitals.”  The neighbor, Pradeep Kumar, a 19-year-old garment factory worker, was arrested Monday in the eastern state of Bihar, about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) from New Delhi, and was being brought to the capital, police said.  Police said questioning of Kumar, led them to the second suspect, Manoj Kumar, 24, who was arrested Saturday in Bihar and flown back to New Delhi. Kumar is a common last name in India and the two men are not related.  What type of sick, crazy, monsters could brutally rape a five-year old girl?  Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, responding to the attack said, his country has “vast improvements to make” when it comes to “the safety, security and status of women in our society.”   That is hardly the strong condemnation of Indian acceptance of violence against females, that was demanded by this crime.  Many protesters have criticized the Prime Minister for his less than pointed response prompting Prime Minister Singh to issue a second statement, “The gruesome assault on a little girl a few days back reminds us once again of the need to work collectively to root out this sort of depravity from our society.”  The only way this depravity will end is to seek justice for this little girl and all of the other girls and women in Indian society; to stop those men who think this type of behavior is acceptable because women have no worth, no value.  Therefore, the death penalty must be imposed if the two suspects are convicted.  It will demonstrate that women are valued as much as men.  It is the only way to stop this brutality. Changing the mores and culture of a country is clearly not going to happen overnight but it must begin today.  These two inhuman, monsters must be the first examples of India’s new intolerance of violence against females, whether five or eight-five.

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