Don’t Allow Fashion Industry To Dictate Bad Fashion


While I ‘m the last person on earth who should ever write about fashion, (I hate clothing and shopping, unless it’s car shopping), I did begin my career at Macy*s in Herald Square.  It’s an experience that was short-lived and one that taught me what I didn’t want to do with the rest of my life.  After one Christmas at Macy*s, you realize what hell on earth truly means.  So why have I ventured into fashion?  It’s because, as the weather’s improved and people are walking around the streets of Manhattan, it’s become obvious that the fashion designers are at it again.  They’ve re-invented fashions and trends, that should have remained dead and buried.  Just as the horribly ugly bell bottom pants should never be allowed to return, neither should any of these disturbing fashion statements.  1) Chunky healed shoes, once referred to as “Clogs”. My mother and sister wore these clumsy, unattractive shoes in the 70’s and while I know nothing about women’s shoes, I am an expert on ugly and those shoes are ugly. 2) Shoulder pads; women are again wearing those horrendous shoulder pads.  I know it’s a terrible look because when I was dating my wife of twenty-three years, back in the 80’s, I hated the look and was vocal about it.  Many times she pulled out or cut out those things from jackets or dresses before heading to a party. Women, shouldn’t allow clothing designers to fool them into believing that looking like a linebacker is a fashion statement. 3) Same goes for those ridiculous baseball caps.  They’ve been popping up as well.  Yuch!  4) Denim on denim.  It didn’t work in the 70’s or 80’s so why bring it back?  and 5) Reflective or mirrored sunglasses; these glasses were popular on the slopes in the 80’s and every skier owned a pair or two.  But they had their time.  Since all you see when speaking to someone who’s wearing them is your own reflection, it’s off-putting.  Yes, Madison Avenue, the emperor is naked.  Women should stand up and fight trends and designers who have run out of ideas and don’t mind making fools of them in order to make a few bucks.  Someone needed to say it, so now I feel better.  Of course it’s everyone’s right to look ridiculous, just as it’s my right to point it out.

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