Oklahoma Tornado Is Simply A Terrible Tragedy


As we hold on to hope that more survivors will be found and that all of the survivors currently be treated in hospitals recover from their injuries, let’s not turn this terrible tragedy in to something it’s not; religious in nature or a poster for climate change.  Sometimes tragedies are just that.  There’s no answers, sense, rhyme or reason. People must simply begin picking up the pieces of their shattered lives and some how figure out how to move on.  The real work is on the ground, being carried out tirelessly by emergency rescue teams, ambulance workers, fire and police and a slew of volunteers.  While religion and praying is comforting for those who survived and those who lost loved ones, praying alone won’t save those people who still may be trapped under debris or in their cars.  The people selflessly helping others, doing whatever they can to save lives are the true heroes and heroines, as they always are.  And let’s not divert our attention away from this tragedy by discussing climate change.  It won’t be long before climatologists and Bill Maher are talking about this tornado as being the result and indisputable proof of climate change.  Yes it was a large and devastating tornado but certainly not unprecedented.  The thing about tornadoes is that location is far more important than size or category.  If an EF-5, the most powerful tornado on the Enhanced Fujita scale, touches down in a rural area, it’s less dangerous than if an EF-2 lands in a densely populated area.  This tornado was both large and hit a populated area, so it was in essence the worst case scenario.  As towns and cities continue to grow in the Midwest, these types of events will become more common simply based on the odds. The only thing that can be done is for meteorologists to become even better at predicting tornadoes so people have enough time to seek shelter.  In this case however, it might not have made a difference.  It’s simply a terrible tragedy and let’s leave it at that.

One thought on “Oklahoma Tornado Is Simply A Terrible Tragedy

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