U.S. And Israel Should Stay Out Of Syrian Conflict


In a perfect world, men, women and children of all races, religions, colors and creeds would stand arm and arm in unity, peace and love.  But unfortunately, we live in the real world and that will never happen. So the most we can hope for, is our leaders making correct decisions when it comes to foreign conflicts.  Let’s look at the Syrian civil war.  This is an internal conflict that has absolutely nothing to do with the U.S. or Israel and both countries should stay out of it.  It has been one of our greatest flaws as the leader of the free world.  Korea, Vietnam, Iraq; have cost us our most precious resource and it isn’t money, it’s the lives of our young men and women.  While no fan of Assad, he is probably the lesser of the evils in that country although no matter who wins, a rogue regime will be in charge. While those fighting Assad are referred to as rebels, almost making them freedom fighters, nothing could be further from the truth.  The underdog in a conflict is not necessarily the good guy and that must not be forgotten.  In the case of Syria, there are no good guys.  A couple of very important points which are not made clear by the mainstream media, is that there are clear sides being taken in that part of the world.  On Assad’s side is Hezbollah, whose members are Shiites Muslims, in a country whose majority are Sunnis Muslims. Hezbollah is becoming ever more involved in the conflict having launched a fierce strike on Qusair, a rebel held town, in order to help the government seize more rebel held territory.  On the other side are the rebels, who are joined by other Sunni fighters linked to Al Qaeda.  It’s bad guys vs bad guys.  This is great news for the Israelis because the longer the conflict lasts, the more depleted Hezbollah’s ranks will become.  They simply don’t have the manpower or weapons to engage in two simultaneous conflicts, should Israel become involved. The Syrian civil war may do for Israel, what the Israelis failed to do for themselves.  In strictly military terms, the Obama administration and our generals while pensively watching the conflict unfold, must be smiling widely.  It’s almost a dream come true for any military leader or strategist to watch all of your enemy combatants fighting each other.  Again,the terrorists are doing the job that we would have to do if they somehow managed to unite, which will never happen.  Since the establishment of Israel, the Arab countries have blamed Israel for all of the problems in the region but clearly that isn’t the case as we are witnessing.  If Israel didn’t exist, it would simply be Sunnis fighting Shiites until the end of time.  The US and Israel must therefore let all parties fight it out until there’s a winner.  For us, it simply doesn’t matter who wins.  The choices are all equally unpleasant.

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