Boy Scouts Of America To Allow Gay Scouts


In a controversial decision, the Boy Scouts of America have agreed to allow gay scouts. Greater than 60% of the of 1,400 national council members voted to approve the policy change. Specifically the resolution states, “No youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.” However In a statement released by the BSA it clearly states, “The resolution also reinforces that Scouting is a youth program, and any sexual conduct, whether heterosexual or homosexual, by youth of Scouting age is contrary to the virtues of Scouting.”  In a strange irony, the council continued the ban on gay scout leaders.  So a scout who’s gay is essentially thrown out of the organization once he turns eighteen?  It’s a completely arbitrary decision and one that makes little sense.  But this entire issue makes little sense, since no child is asked to expose their sexuality, straight or gay before entering the scouts. While I completely understand that the gay and lesbian communities are seeking equality in all facets of life, there are some places, sexuality simply doesn’t apply.  It’s irrelevant!  Scouting is about giving a kid a compass and a couple of sticks to rub together and asking him to find his way out of a forest.  Or racing little wooden cars down a declined track and seeing who wins.  Why should the issue of sexuality either straight or gay be raised here?  Should straight and gay scouts sit around a camp fire and discuss their sexuality at ten years old?  That’s not what kids want to do and adults on a mission don’t have the right to dictate an agenda to children who just want to learn and have fun. Equality is one thing, taking away what little innocence remains in this country is another. It’s simply the wrong forum.  In terms of gay scout leaders, I can make this very simple. All scout leaders regardless of sexuality should be eligible to participate providing they have an active child or children in the scouts, period, end of story.

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