Yet Another Example Of Why Sexual Predators Should Never Be Paroled


When will the courts and penal system realize that there is no hope of rehabilitation for some criminals; particularly those who rape and murder.  From Alaska, comes one more tale of a criminal, given a second chance, only to commit an even more heinous crime.  In this case, 24-year-old Jerry Active was arrested and charged with murder and rape, after being released early from prison, only twelve hours prior to the attack.  He was charged with murdering and raping Sorn Sreap, 71, her husband, Touch Chea, 73, and raping and killing their 2 year old great grand-daughter.  An anchorage police statement said the parents of the toddler returned home form a movie and found Active naked, in a bedroom with the child and great-grandparents dead.  The parents confronted the suspect but he escaped.  According to Reuters, Kaci Schroeder, a spokeswoman for the Alaska Department of Corrections said, “Active, who had pleaded guilty to breaking into a Dillingham, Alaska, home in 2009 and sexually assaulting a child and other residents, was released from prison on probation on Saturday morning after serving part of a seven-year sentence.”  A seven-year sentence of which he only served a part, for sexually assaulting a child and other residents??!!   The judge should be in prison.  When are we as a society going to recognize that it isn’t evil or wrong to euthanize those who are truly evil.  It doesn’t make us as bad as they.  It doesn’t turn us into a pack of animals.  But what it does do, is possibly save a two-year-old from experiencing a brutal and violent attack, as she breathed her last breathes; her life snuffed out.  If this doesn’t register perhaps this will.  This piece of filth, grabbed a baby, two-years-old, ripped off her pajamas and diaper and somehow managed to have sexual intercourse with her, right before killing her.  Is that graphic enough to get the liberals in this country up in arms about people that should not be permitted to live among civilized men and women?  Anyone capable of raping; women, children or babies, should not receive a second chance.  Strike one and you’re OUT!!  Animals like Active are a mistake, they need to be ended and forgotten.  Prison is the incorrect approach and too good for them.  It’s certainly far better than what the victims received.  Active and those like him, do not deserve to breathe the air we do, or eat, sleep or experience orgasm; all pleasures we take for granted. We must not allow defectives to rape and kills babies.  Doesn’t that say more about us a species that ridding ourselves of such evil?

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