Jews For Jesus


Last week I was walking down the street and was approached by a group of young people who were wearing Jews for Jesus tee shirts.  While I have strong opinions on the topic, one of the things that make a Democracy great, is dialogue.  So I listened to what these young people had to say and was actually saddened by the fact they sounded more like members of a cult than people who truly believed in something.  What they said appeared scripted, almost as if they had been indoctrinated, programmed and released, ready to convince those who have differing views.  The other thing that struck me was the fact there are so many who are lost in our country and the world.  It’s one thing to be a true believer of Christianity, Islam or Judaism but it’s another to be seeking something that attempts to satisfy a thirst unquenched.  These young people were searching for something.  I suppose that age has  much to do with ones understanding of the world which is why there was no one older than me in this group.  In response to their rhetoric, I simply said I understand Judaism differently from you and I am not searching for a new way or new belief.  What these young people were saying, while throwing in a few Hebrew words poorly used, is that they are Jewish but believe Jesus is the Messiah.  And that is wonderful if you believe that.  I would never want to convince anyone my way is better or that someone else is wrong regarding personal beliefs.  I would just hope the other person also respects my right to disagree and to believe what I feel is correct.  I said very little but did explain that the one and main fundamental difference between Jews and Christians is the belief that Jesus was the Messiah and Son of God.  Jews simply believe the Messiah has not yet arrived as our understanding in the Torah and texts like the Mishnah and Rashi.  But the real point of writing this is no one should have the desire to tell other people how to live their lives.  The danger there, is if mine is “better” than yours, I have the right to oppress and kill in the name of my better and correct religion as sanctioned by God.  Jews are forbidden to preach to non-Jews for just that reason.  Jews for Jesus is nothing more than Born Again Christian missionaries seeking to convert those who question and those who are uninformed, particularly immigrants and the disenfranchised.  As always, calling it the way it is.

2 thoughts on “Jews For Jesus

  1. Not exactly. I’m just saying that people should live their own lives and let others live theirs. No one should have the desire to tell people the correct way because no one really knows the correct way. There is no, one, correct way despite what anyone thinks. Believers who murder find heaven good people go to hell. That makes sense only to those indoctrinated into whatever they believe. Live and let live and the world would be a far better place. Unfortunately there aren’t enough truly happy, satisfied people in the world which is why so many have to believe their way is better. Ultimately, it only make them feel better about themselves and their situation.

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