Massachusetts High School Crowns Transgenger Prom Queen


In what is a first for Middleborough High School in Middleborough Massachusetts, a transgender student was voted Prom Queen.  Cody Tubman, wearing a silver tiara spoke to Fox News Boston about the honor. “I had like two people at the school be, like, oh, you shouldn’t win prom queen because you’re a boy. You should win prom king. I’m like, well, I’m a queen.”  Tubman continued, by saying, “it was surprising and it was exciting cause I was like, we’re coming really far.”  Make no mistake, no one in this country should be discriminated against because of their race, religion, color or sexual orientation.  But despite that, Tubman is not a girl.  He may feel like a girl, he may want to eventually have sexual reassignment surgery, but until that point, he’s physiologically a boy.  Other girls who might have wanted to be prom queen lost out because of an attempt to be politically correct.  On top of that, he’s not a very attractive prom queen, which is part of the requirement.  Yes, I am here to say, that looks matter, as does money, talent and all of the other things that separate human beings.  We are different and that should be celebrated but this turns reality upside down.  Let me be clear, if a male becomes a female or visa versa, then they should be able to compete in beauty pageants and athletic competitions but until that point, everyone needs to accept the person for who he or she is, but not when it comes to gender specific identity.  He should still be using the boy’s room.  The emperor is indeed naked and making believe the sky is water and the water is sky doesn’t make it so.  It’s not mean, it’s simply the truth, which is why I started writing this blog in the first place.  Again, no one should be discriminated against but by the same token, no one should be favored because of who they are, even when attempting a kind gesture.  So hats off to Middleborough for this bold decision even if there are many, like me, who disagree with it.

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