Rush Limbaugh Attributes American Decay To Abortion


In what can only be described as a new level of stupidity, Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show that much of the cultural and economic decay facing America can be directly attributed to the more than fifty million abortions performed since the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision.  This of course is due to the fact that unwanted children born to parents who didn’t want them, are going to be masters of enterprise as opposed to prison inmates.  Specifically, the recovering drug addict said, “Fifty-two million taxpayers haven’t been born, is the way Washington looks at  it.  They don’t look at it morally. They don’t look at it in any kind of cultural way or any kind of cultural impact. They just say we have 52 million fewer people paying taxes.  We gotta replace them.  Hello, amnesty.”  It’s an absolutely factless and baseless argument.  Even sadder than that however, is the number of people who listen and believe him.  Limbaugh continued, Most people see abortion simply as a woman’s right to choose, he said, but the impact has been much wider. “It’s had an impact on crime.  It’s had a profound  impact on our politics.  It is at the root of our cultural rot and decay.”  Now perhaps I’m naive, but I believe abusing prescription drugs, as Limbaugh has done, is at the bottom of our “cultural rot and decay”.  Drugs are an easy way of escaping ones demons and leads directly to crime and violence.  Pharmacies are being vandalized and patrons have been killed due to desperate prescription drug abusers looking for a fix.  If he was more humble about his past transgressions and wasn’t so bombastic, I might cut him some slack.  But that isn’t the case with this over-inflated, ego maniacal talk show host. Limbaugh continually puts forth arguments that are simply unintelligent and without merit.  It’s one man’s unenlightened, religious opinion.  In fact, it’s far better to be aborted than to be born to someone unable or unwilling to care for those most helpless.  And while few would agree that abortion is a good birth control method, it is a right and a personal decision between a woman and her physician.  But of everything Limbaugh said on his show concerning abortion, this last quote was probably the most confusing and nonsensical.  He stated, “I think it is the cause of so much that seems to be inexplicable to people. Why are 10-year-olds shooting each other to death in Chicago? Why is our society so permissive, anything goes, the more ribald, the better?  The more honorable, the more boring it is said to be.”  If true, which is highly questionable, why is that the result of abortion?  How in the world did he draw that conclusion?  It’s simply incredible. Although the best way to refute someone’s argument is with fact and reason, the only fact here worth noting is Rush Limbaugh is a fool.

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