Four U.S. Soldiers Killed Following Announcement By Obama Of Talks With Taliban


Four U.S. servicemen have been killed by “indirect fire” by insurgents at Bagram air base, US officials said. The attack followed an announcement by President Obama that the U.S. would sit down with the Taliban if they renounce violence.  The President referred to talks as an “important first step toward reconciliation”.  Actions speak louder than words and four men brave soldiers are now dead. This is another huge foreign policy error by Obama.  Sitting down with the Taliban is no different than sitting down with the Nazi’s or the Ku Klux Klan.  It simply isn’t and shouldn’t be done.  It sends the wrong message and will not lead to a meaningful peace.  Time and again, this President refuses to learn from history as well as from his own mistakes.  As soon as we leave Afghanistan and in fact it’s already happening, girls and women will once again be terrorized.  Shame on us for giving this evil group, terrorists, even one ounce of legitimacy.  But more importantly, shame on President Obama.

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