Snowden Is A Traitor & Coward And Deserves To Be Punished


While there are many people out there who support Edward Snowden, they are misguided and fail to understand exactly what it is he did wrong.  Snowden worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, a defense contractor that works for the National Security Agency (NSA) and is charged with internet and phone surveillance programs.  According to top intelligence officials, “the programs made public this month have helped foil more than 50 terrorist plots since Sept. 11, including one to blow up the New York Stock Exchange.”  Edward Snowden knew exactly what he was getting involved with when he chose, of his own free will, to join Booz Allen Hamilton.  Therefore, Snowden, as an employer of Hamilton, doesn’t get to pick and choose what goes against his moral compass.  And he certainly doesn’t get to expose those operations in which he willingly took part. By the very definition, that makes him a traitor.  Is there one naive person in this country who doesn’t think there are things taking place, unbeknownst to us that the government is doing to keep us safe.  Of course to liberals that means taking away our freedoms.  I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but I certainly feel as free as ever.  I still do and say whatever I please and have never been questioned by my government that I support.  And I am not, nor have I been a supporter of this President, yet he is my President and I back him 100%.  That’s what it means to be an American.  The extreme right and left has forgotten that. All the liberals out there who support Snowden because they have too much time on their hands, should understand that innocent lives are at stake every time someone like Snowden decides this life of surveillance isn’t for him.  He has jeopardized the safety of all of us by his cowardice actions.  Is he a spy for Russia or China?  Probably not but more will be discovered over time.  He may simply be a misguided young man who believes he did the right thing.  But that’s now how this works.  Once you’re in, you’re in.  You can’t back out because you discover you don’t have the belly for it.  But if you choose to get out, go quietly.  In a dangerous world, information is the number one way we ward off attacks.  Is there anyone who would think it would be a bad thing to foil a bombing in the New York City subway?  Now the coward is seeking asylum in either Russia or Venezuela. He needs to be brought back to this country and face a trial.  What he did is unpardonable and unforgivable.  He is right there at the bottom of the list of scum, with murderers, rapists and child pornographers.  He will not escape justice forever.

3 thoughts on “Snowden Is A Traitor & Coward And Deserves To Be Punished


  2. To you, who said Edward Snowden i a coward, what yuo know about to be patriot, who like his country and live in complete will of freedom as the constitution required, what you know to be a valiant citizen who love his country, Mr Edward Snowden give his life for you and every body in this country, to live and enjoy your life and family with out nobory comoing in, to know your privacy ,the secret trasure of human bein.
    , whom you are to judge MR Edward Snowden, you are the lowest form of humanity, you are hybbrid and super coward in this world, shame of your self an beg to GOD to have mercy for your soul and you should send your apology to Mr Edward Snowden, he is not a hero ,he is more that hero, he is a Super Here

    • Edward Snowden understood what his job entailed when he accepted the position. If he had a problem with it, he should have accepted the job. A low level person such as Snowden doesn’t get to decided what is and what isn’t acceptable. Simply put, he is a traitor and there is nothing lower than that. What if every secret was exposed to the bad guys? Many innocents would be compromised. So before you start calling someone names, you actually have to know of what you speak. Unfortunately, in a dangerous world secrets must be kept. It may not be pleasant but it’s at least the truth.

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