Texas Abortion Bill Fails Due To Marathon Filibuster


It has been said that “the wheels of justice grind slowly”.  In the United States of America, that’s a good thing.  It’s the very reason our Democracy has endured.  What lawmakers and President Obama see as inaction or “sick” is the government working just the way our Framers intended it to work.  The filibuster in the State of Texas last night, that put an end to what would have been the toughest abortion guidelines in the country, proved to be a valuable tool against those seeking to control a woman’s reproductive health.  Senator Wendy Davis, a Democrat, managed to keep her lengthy filibuster going until it was too late for the Republican controlled Senate to vote.  Her filibuster lasted a marathon eleven hours but ended after three challenges to her speech were upheld.  Following a report by NBCDFW that the vote had started just before midnight and passed 19-10 and would go to Governor Perry for his signature, it turned out that report was in error.  At about 4:00AM ET, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst announced that the vote had been held too late and that the special session had expired and “the bill could not be signed in the presence of the Senate and therefore cannot be enrolled.” Thus ended, for now, a bill that would have virtually banned abortion in the state of Texas. But this story is much larger than this simple bill.  It’s about for the change in social course of this country, even in Texas.  This liberal change in direction, signifies the death knell of the staunch, radical, social conservatives and religious zealots who want to control the majority of Americans who don’t agree with their religious principles.  This country will not reverse course in the year 2013.  As more Americans are declaring themselves atheists, and I’m not saying that’s a good thing per se, the country is simply declaring that it does not wish to be governed by religious institutions.  Not coincidentally, that’s exactly what the framers intended.  As more states legalize gay marriage, and Texas may very well be the last, there is no “going back” or “going home”. The United States should stand for, Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness for all her people. That’s the reason millions still flock to her shores seeking a better life. Those are the tenets on which she was founded and what makes her great, strong, proud and free.

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