Long Island Child Pornographer and Teacher Found Dead In Hudson River


A former Long Island teacher convicted of child pornography, who was released from prison after serving 6 1/2 years in prison, has been found dead in the Hudson River; an apparent suicide.  The 53-year-old body of Michael Reiner “was discovered in the Hudson River by people on a personal watercraft,” according to State Police Capt. Pierce Gallagher.  An autopsy confirmed his identity.  Although he had been released from prison, he still was reporting in to a parole officer.  He had been missing since May 31, 2013 when he failed to show up for work.  Federal authorities have been looking for him since then.  Reiner, who taught at a school for the gifted in Huntington Station was arrested and convicted after evidence was presented from his computer that included child pornography and  writing about cannibalism and eating children.  Although the story has a happy ending, he might just have easily been missing due to the fact that he killed a child.  Clearly, anyone convicted of child pornography and cannibalism has no business ever being released from prison.  This time authorities were fortunate.  Next time, a young child may not be that lucky.  The laws regarding child pornographers need to be tightened.  Justice is not being served by releasing such sick and depraved individuals back in to society where they can prey on our children.  More must be done and society must whole heartedly get involved in this very serious issue.  We all have child predators living in our communities and that is an issue that should unite all decent people.

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