Toddler Held At Knifepoint in Oklahoma Walmart


A man who abducted a two-year old girl from her mother’s shopping cart in an Oklahoma Wal-Mart, was shot and killed after he began a countdown to end the little girl’s life.  Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said, “This is real life and it happened.  You can’t make this stuff up.”  When discussing what happened in the store Clabes said it played out like a movie, “You’ve got the ingredients of a two and a half year old helpless victim, you’ve got a mother who has to standby helplessly and watch as her daughter is being held by a mental patient with a knife, and you have our officers responding.”  A witness at the scene, Terry Parker can be seen blocking the man’s way with his cart prior to the arrival of the police and SWAT team. “If that gentleman was to come my direction he would have to go through me or my cart to do that,” said Parker.  It was extremely brave on his part and what you hope would be the reaction in such a tense and fluid situation.  Video Surveillance caught the entire incident on camera although the moment of the shooting was not showed to the public. Unfortunately, there are times that deadly force must be used and in the this instance, nothing was more important than saving the life of the two-year-old girl.  The suspect was mentally disturbed but that doesn’t change the fact that he was holding a knife to the throat of a little girl.  Oklahoma County District Attorney, David Prater said, “the officer who shot Wallace was justified in his actions.”

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