Chevrolet Volt Outsells Nissan Leaf In June


The Chevrolet Volt made a big comeback in June selling 2,698 vehicles, a 53% increase over June 2012.  It also marked the first time since February that the Volt bested the Nissan Leaf, which sold 2,225 vehicles.  Year to date, the Volt is leading the Leaf in sales, 9,855 to 9,839.  Volt is also slightly ahead of 2012, in which GM sold 23,461 vehicles. The Leaf, due to its much lower price tag still has the advantage, but GM is now offering additional cost saving in order to better compete.  As a Volt owner, I am certainly pulling for the Volt but I’m more concerned about EV technology and overall sales increases.  In the past, before tighter regulations on emissions and mileage requirements, there was no reason for automakers to spend time and money dabbling in this technology.  But the times, “they are a changin”.  Battery technology is continuing to improve as are solar panels. If the auto manufacturers could successfully merge the two, cars would be able to run indefinitely with reusable energy.  It seems fairly simple. It would of course, negatively impact the oil industry in this country but c’est la vie.  Oil companies have had a good run and if they are to continue to thrive, they are going to have to change and evolve.  The same can be said for the coal industry.  If the technology could be developed where the only by-product was water vapor, then we would have an additional energy source that could last for one hundred years or more.  But if burning coal continues to pollute the environment, it’s unacceptable. There are those who say the production of electricity is dirty and therefore my electric car isn’t helping at all.  But that simply isn’t the case.  Electricity would be produced with or without my plug-in vehicle.  And when I’m driving on the highway or sitting in traffic, it emits 0 pollutants.  It may be just a small contribution in the fight against carbon emissions but everything helps. It seems strange how people and companies have been willing to accept antiquated solutions to our greatest challenges.  But I will once again backtrack to Hurricane Sandy.  As soon as the electricity was back on, I was driving around, anywhere I needed to, while everyone else was wasting hours on long gas lines.  The endless joy I felt as I passed all of those dinosaur fossil vehicles, waiting in endless lines, gave me a tremendous sense of satisfaction.  All I needed to do was plug in at night and in the morning I was ready to go.  Anyone who doesn’t see the benefits of this technology probably still owns a lava lamp and plays pong.  July will be an important month in determining the second half of 2013.  Hopefully the word is spreading and people will begin buying in to not just the EV technology but the fact that both are outstanding vehicles.

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