Johnny Depp And Lone Ranger A Bust At The Box Office


The Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp have flopped at the box office. Unfortunately for Disney shareholders, the company may have to take as much as a $100 million dollar write off.  This movie was originally sidelined because it was felt it would be too expensive and too risky. That’s been confirmed. Ultimately, the main reason Disney went forward, was because of Depp’s star power which appears to have been a misguided calculation. What should be as concerning is Depp’s $20 million dollar price tag.  Is he, or any actor for that matter, worth that type of salary, especially with the short theater lives of today’s motion pictures. When I was young, Jaws, my all time  favorite movie, stayed in theaters longer than three months.  It was that popular and there was nowhere else for it to go, although the VCR would soon become the technology that would give life to Blockbuster Video and many other smaller video rental stores.  Today, hit movies receive their three weeks, maybe, and it’s off to the world of On-Demand.  Only last month, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas spoke of the implosion of Hollywood.  One Hundred Million dollar write-offs are a great start.  What’s happened to Depp’s popularity? It’s my opinion that people are bored with him.  Most of his characterizations are an offshoot of Jack Sparrow or Willy Wonka.  And the silent, eccentric, tortured male who apparently is Depp, has gotten tired.  He needs to change his image if he is to stay relevant.  What he shouldn’t do, is what Miley Cyrus does. She stays in the spotlight by visiting talk shows in her panties.  Although in the end, even her panties won’t be enough to save the whiny, talentless Cyrus.  When the silly, purple, 70’s tuxedo shirt no longer mattered despite the fact Purple Rain is one of the greatest albums in history, Prince attempted to stay in the spotlight by changing his name to a strange symbol.  Not long after, he returned to the name that made him famous.  What Depp doesn’t seem to comprehend is that he needs to step out of his comfort zone and play a completely different character.  Everyone knows he can play strange, eccentric roles. It’s time for him to show some range. It’s also time for him to accept a pay cut until he can once again bring in the big dollars.  After all, Hollywood, just like any other business, is about money and Depp must earn his bonus.

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