Man Arrested In Senseless Act Of Violence On The Venice Boardwalk

Venice Beach

Nathan Campbell 38, has been arrested and is being held on suspicion of murder after driving on the Venice boardwalk and indiscriminately mowing people down. His bail has been set at $1 million dollars. This act of domestic terrorism has taken the life of an Italian woman Honeymooning in California and  left 11 others wounded, two seriously. The Italian woman was identified as Alice Gruppioni, 32.  Her family in Bologna told the Italian news agency LaPresse that she had been on her honeymoon after her wedding July 20. Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese has stated that this did not appear to be a terrorist act but he is incorrect which I will discuss. There is video of the incident that shows Campbell getting in to his Dodge Avenger, swerving around yellow poles meant to keep traffic off the boardwalk and running people down as he accelerated on to the boardwalk. According to witnesses, he appeared to be swerving from side to side as he attempted to hit pedestrians.  There are two important points to be learned from this incident.  First, terrorists are not simply Islamist Radicals from Pakistan or Afghanistan.  The definition of terrorism is simply “an indiscriminate act of killing.”  It may not be terrorism as the now accepted definition of the radical Islamist/anti-American but it is clearly an act of domestic terrorism.  We have our own domestically grown defectives, who simply hate the world and themselves and who’s only desire is to kill and maim innocent human beings. Second, this case is a clear example of a person wanting to kill and accomplishing his goal, without the use of a firearm.  In this case, Campbell’s choice of weapon was an automobile.  Should we ban cars?  Should we make believe the car is the reason for this horrific incident?  That of course would be silly to suggest.  It’s about time we start accepting the fact that there are people who are mentally ill with a propensity for violence and stop blaming the means or weapon they choose to carry out these acts. More importantly, we must discover ways of identifying those who are a threat before they can carry out their evil deeds.  Then and only then will we stop these types of senseless acts from occurring.

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