Usain Bolt Wins 100m in Moscow


Usain Bolt won his fourth individual world championship gold in Moscow in a season best time of 9.77 seconds.  He beat out American Justin Gatlin in the final stages of the race.  Gatlin finished in a time of 9.85 seconds and took silver. Nesta Carter, Bolt’s fellow Jamaican, took Bronze with a time of 9.95.  Bolt is clearly the best 100m sprinter in the world and is unbeatable if healthy.  Following the race Bolt said, “I am happy, but I wanted to do better.” He continued, “My legs were sore after the semi-finals, I don’t know why, but the world record wasn’t on so I came out just to win.”  Weather conditions following heavy rain were less than ideal.  But despite that, Bolt still tied his eight best time.  In a sport that has seen its share of scandals recently, regarding doping, Bolt is the one star who can lift the sport.  But if Bolt is ever caught doping, it could throw the sport into a downward spiral from which it might not recover.  While there is absolutely no proof he has ever doped, almost every track runner is taking performance enhancing drugs.  It can not be disputed.  Instead of athletes accepting their limitations and believing in fair play, all that matters is winning.  It’s unfortunate that while testing has improved, doper’s have discovered new and better ways of eluding detection.  At least in body building we know for sure that they’re taking steroids so everyone is competing on equal footing.  Lance Armstrong tested negative year after year for performance enhancing drugs yet we now know he was the most serious violator in sports history.  But of course until there is any evidence to the contrary, Bolt must be considered one of the greatest athletes to ever step on a track.

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