Bloomberg Angry Over Judge’s Ruling On Stop And Frisk


U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin has ruled New York’s Stop & Frisk policy to be Unconstitutional.  In her decision she refers to the policy as “indirect racial profiling.”  because it targeted racially defined groups. Judge Scheindlin wrote that the city acted with “deliberate indifference” toward the New York Police Department’s practice of conducting “unconstitutional” stop and frisks. The city adopted a policy of “indirect racial profiling that resulted in the disproportionate and discriminatory stopping of millions of black and Hispanic men.”  At a news conference, Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended the policy saying, “this is a dangerous decision made by a judge that I think just does not understand how policing works.”  Bloomberg, defending his legacy continued, “there’s almost 12 years now where people have walked the streets of New York City without having to look over their shoulder.”  Other politicians addressing this issue come down clearly along party lines. Democrats overwhelmingly support the decision while Republicans are calling on Mayor Bloomberg to appeal.the ruling.  Comptroller and Mayoral candidate John Liu, is the only candidate who has called for the policy to be abolished entirely, “It’s time to put an end to stop and frisk once and for all.”  Stop and Frisk is unquestionably controversial.  Should police officers be allowed to stop people for doing nothing more that walking down their street?  If the question was merely that simple, clearly the answer should be no.  But if the question is presented differently, it may not be that open and shut.  For example, should a police officer be allowed to stop someone they see, looking suspicious or not, in a high crime neighborhood at 3:00AM?  Regardless of what anyone wants to admit, police work is all about hunches and profiling.  When dealing with crime, it’s not difficult for law enforcement to know where the highest crime is taking place. A neighborhood with little or no crime won’t be the focus.  If is isn’t broke, don’t fix it.  And if a neighborhood with high crime rates also happens to be a neighborhood that’s 90% minority, statistically speaking, of course it will appear they are being unfairly targeted.  But lets look at the only thing that really matters and determine whether or not it’s simply luck.  New York City is now the safest big city in America.  New York City was a cesspool in the 70’s and 80’s.  I and most other New Yorker’s prefer it this way.  And as Mayor Bloomberg said. “Crime will come back anytime the criminals think they’re going to get away with things. We just cannot let that happen. “The bad old days can return quickly if we allow it. What’s so strange about this topic, is the people who are helped most by this policy are the one’s who want it abolished. This mayor is not the typical hardline Republican.  He has strongly supported many liberal causes, so he should be trusted on this issue. But let me also be clear, if and when there are abuses taking place by police, that needs to be taken seriously and addressed.  If it’s simply a matter of, I don’t like being asked questions when I’m walking through my neighborhood at 3:00AM on a Tuesday, than that’s just too bad.

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