Miley Cyrus Performance At VMA’s Much More Than Simply Outrageous


What Miley Cyrus did the other night at the Video Music Awards goes beyond the shallow take away most news agencies and people in the entertainment industry were buzzing about.  Quite frankly, her performance wasn’t all that outlandish given the performer and the times.  So she bumped and grinded and played with a foam finger.  I, was quite frankly, surprised by the reactions.  Apparently, most people missed the really important part of the performance and she put it over on everyone.  Not only is Miley Cyrus unattractive, despite her tiny outfit, she has very little talent.  She can’t dance, she sings like a whiny Jewish mother and she isn’t sexy.  Of course any woman displaying moves like those displayed on stage could capture the attention of dumb men but she’s clumsy and ungraceful.  Sexy is something that some women have and some don’t and she doesn’t.  Perhaps it’s her youth and inexperience.  It wasn’t tasteful, but it definitely wasn’t sexy.  But again, Miley Cyrus has pulled a fast one.  She has taken her minimal talent to new heights.  Even this writer, who hates giving her any more attention then she deserves, is speaking about her.  She was trending at #1 on Twitter.  Bad publicity is still publicity.  To explain that I don’t just have it in for her, I also completely detest Gaga Girl but at least she has talent.  That can’t be denied, so it’s simply my opinion that I don’t like her or her music.  You can throw U2 in there as well.  Let’s just hope that the country eventually comes to its senses and sends Cyrus packing.  That would truly be the definition of addition by subtraction

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