Syrian Strike Is Wrong Strategy For US


On the eve of what will likely be a strike against Syria, this President is falling in to the trap of so many of his predecessors; becoming involved in conflicts in which we don’t belong.  Were we not to led to believe this President would be the mediator, not the perpetrator?  While unconscionable if true, that Bashar al-Assad attacked his own people with chemical weapons, it’s still not our fight.  We have no interest short of once again making believe we are the good guy, policeman of the world.  And we have much to lose; American lives and credibility in the world.  Islamist extremists will have yet another example of American aggression and claim it’s an attack on Islam.  But even more importantly, it’s a highly destabilizing move in an already unstable part of the world.  While not usually one to quote  the Iranian Supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, he is correct when he states, intervention would be a “disaster” for the region. “The region is like a gunpowder store and the future cannot be predicted,” Mr Khamenei said, according to Iran’s Isna news agency.  Should the United States and our allies manage to topple the Assad government, what then is the plan?  Who would fill the power vacuum?  While I certainly don’t have the answer to that question, (no one does), it’s as likely an extremist government, perhaps as dictatorial as Assad would come to power but with religious fervor.  At least Assad has kept Syria a secular nation.  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on the council to act together. “The body interested with maintaining international peace and security cannot be ‘missing in action’,” Mr Ban said.  He continued, “The council must at last find the unity to act. It must use its authority for peace.”  Mr Ban has a strong case here.  Other than Russia and China, Syria and their allies, the world is united in its criticism of Assad. The US and her allies must work with the U.N. to find a solution to this problem through sanctions and condemnation.  Perhaps a peacekeeping force with or without the blessing of Russia, and China, Syria’s largest allies, would give the force legitimacy.  Both countries have close ties, particularly economically and is therefore not in either country’s best interest to sanction a military strike.  But the most important thing to remember as this situation unfolds, is that not one American life should be placed in jeopardy in order to bring Assad to his knees.  It’s not our fight and the ends don’t justify the means.

2 thoughts on “Syrian Strike Is Wrong Strategy For US

  1. I agree the United States should stay out of Syria, but you’re completely wrong about the United Nations. The United Nations by its very nature will not solve this problem. Russia will simply veto anything it doesn’t like. This is why the United Nations is completely worthless in world affairs.

    • I agree with you. I expect nothing from the U.N.. My only real point was that we should not be handling the world’s problems. Not one American life should be at risk in Syria. It’s an internal fight and neither side likes us.

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