Poster Child For Abortion Rights

De'Marquise Elkins

The poster child for abortion rights, De’Marquise Elkins, has been convicted on 11 counts including the shooting and killing of a 13 month old baby.  The defense tried to cast suspicion on other people including the child’s parents.  His mother, Karimah Elkins was on trial alongside her son, and was found guilty of tampering with evidence but was acquitted of lying to police.  Elkins faces life in prison when sentenced but won’t face the death penalty under Georgia law because he was 17 at the time of the murder. The mother of the murdered baby, Sherry West, testified that she was walking home from the post office with her son the morning of the killing. A gunman demanding her purse, shot her in the leg and shot her baby in the face after she told him she had no money.  According to Prosecutors the revolver used in the shooting was found in a pond based on information provided by Elkins’ mother and sister. Elkins’ sister also was charged with evidence tampering.  But as important as the parties involved in the this case is the realization and understanding that abortion and abortion rights are not about the rights or protection of the unborn but the rights and protection of the unborn not to be born.  And as importantly, it’s about not bringing a baby in to the world that will grow up to shoot other babies in the face.  Abortions are about unwanted children.  Unwanted children don’t grow up to be doctors and lawyers, they grow up to be law breakers.  Using the one or two exceptions, doesn’t make it so.  What those who prefer to see babies and children suffer would say, is they could be wanted and adopted by those who really want children.  The only problem with that thinking is that far more often than not, these children are not given up for adoption, forced to live in unsafe, unhealthy and abusive environments which foster criminality.  What’s saddest is, it’s not their fault.  They are doomed by the circumstances of their birth. Yet someone must take the blame and be punished for heinous crimes like the murder of a baby.  What anti-abortion advocates call the murder of millions of potential children, I refer to as mercy.

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