Scientists Now Say No Significant Global Warming Since 1998


The science journal Nature, has published an article explaining the reason why Global Warning has slowed since 1998.  The only problem with this finding is I, and probably the rest of the world, wasn’t aware of the slowing of global warming over the past fifteen years.  If you listen to the scientists and Bill Maher for that matter, the earth should be about ready to burn up, and all of us along with it.  The reason given for the slowdown in warmup the article states, can be explained by a natural cooling of the Pacific Ocean.  These same scientists argue that the warm-up will again accelerate, once the Pacific warms up.  And while warming has slowed, scientists point to the fact there were record-breaking heat waves in the US and Russia in 2012. This summer, Alaska experienced an unprecedented heat wave.  In addition, the polar ice caps are shrinking. Climate change deniers will use this admission to explain away any science of global warming. “For people on the street it is very confusing as to which story is closer to the truth,” lead author, Prof Shang-Ping Xie from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography told BBC News.  “We felt a similar contradiction, that’s why we started doing these modeling studies.”  There is no question that climate change is taking place but there are differing opinions as to why and if its cause is solely attributable to CO2 emissions.  What if the Pacific continues to cool and doesn’t warm as scientists predict?  The issue with this whole science is that it’s not entirely science.  There are unknowns which scientists will admit.  But physical observations are simple and can not be denied.  Tracking temperature of the world over five-year or ten-year periods, is factual evidence.  Looking at satellite photos of the polar ice caps is clear evidence.  Everything else is simply conjecture.  As Prof Shang-Pie Xie states, “We’re pretty confident that the swing up will come some time in the future, but the current science can’t predict when that will be.”  That doesn’t give one a great deal of confidence.  It’s like saying, we think the patient will survive but we’re not sure.  It’s called hedging and should really sound more like, “we just don’t know.”  The issue of global warming is no different than any other.  There are two strongly differing opinions and the truth lies somewhere in between.

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