8 Year Old Bride From Yemen Bleeds To Death Following Intercourse


In yet another case of violence against girls/women in the third world and just when you thought the world couldn’t get any more evil, comes the story of an 8-year-old bride in Yemen who bled to death following intercourse on her wedding night.  While it’s never a great intellectual argument to say there are some people on this earth who have not evolved, this story is a clear example of that.  It’s not about American ego centrism or any other prejudice.  It’s about human kindness, decency and justice.  Yemen is a country where young girls are essentially sold off in to slavery or marriage, for money or dowry.  They are pulled out of school once they reach puberty. The girl whose name is Rawan disappeared as did her family.  According to government spokesman, Rajeh Badi, the government has formed a committee “to verify the reports about the death of the girl, named Rawan, after being married to an older man.” Badi continued, “the crime is not confirmed yet. The team’s job is to verify whether this crime took place or not.”  But rights activist Ahmed al-Quraishi, chairman of child rights’ organization Siyaj, said activists who went to the northwestern province of Hajjah had collected information that practically confirms the case. “We in Siyaj are nearly sure of the girl’s death, and that authorities are trying to cover up the issue,” al-Quraishi said.  Of course the government is trying to cover it up because it’s condoned by what is essentially a government consisting of narrow-minded, backwards thinking individuals.  What kind of people would allow a little girl to be raped by a man five times her age and then attempt to cover up the act?  They are sick and depraved and the entire civilized world should be as outraged as they are about Syria and its chemical weapons.  Something must be done to stop the violence against girls and women across the globe.  Let it begin with the condemnation of these horrific third world countries.  All aid should be cut off from Yemen until there are serious changes in the laws and attitudes towards women.  In fact, the U.N. should for once, do something worthwhile and adopt laws that protect girls from these monsters.  Let there be no mistake, these men are rapists and predators and should be in prison.

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