Is Joe Lhota Really Behind By 40 Points In The Race For NYC Mayor

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If one believes the polls, New York City Republican candidate Joe Lhota is facing an insurmountable deficit in his run for Mayor against Bill de Blasio.  In order to believe the polls, one would have to believe that Mayor Mike Bloomberg is the most unpopular mayor in the history of New York City and that simply is not the case.  Clearly, a vote for de Blasio is a vote against the policies of the Bloomberg administration.  And even at this late date Bloomberg’s approval rating is at 50%.  In order for de Blasio to win by 40 points, at least half of the Bloomberg supporters would have to vote for him and that isn’t going to happen.  De Blasio is hugely unpopular with Republicans, conservative Democrats and even moderate Democrats.  To be down by 40 points, de Blasio would have to be leading 70% to 30% and for any legitimate pollster to believe that, is another definition of insanity.

To demonstrate just how incorrect polls can be, a recent Quinnipiac poll found that 15% of Republicans plan on voting for Mr. de Blasio.  One need not be a political scientist to understand that any “real” Republican would prefer to vote for a rodent than for a far left, Socialist candidate like de Blasio.  De Blasio offers nothing to Republicans, so to believe 15% are going to vote for him, is simply ludicrous.  And that’s one of the problems with polls; the pollsters never question the logic or validity.  They simply accept the results.  What are the pollsters going to say when Lhota wins the election?  There must have been a flaw or some people who were polled, lied?  And even if he doesn’t win, it will be far closer than the polls suggest.

In response to the polling numbers, Lhota campaign spokeswoman said the following, “We are confident that once independents and moderate Democrats learn more about Bill’s plans that will explode the budget, make us less safe and drive jobs out of the city, they will undoubtedly reject his radical candidacy.”  She continued, “Joe is an experienced and tested leader who has the right vision to create good-paying jobs, reform our school system and continue the crime reduction that allowed our economy and population to grow. This city has a proud tradition of electing strong, independent mayors and Joe’s message is one that will appeal to all New Yorker’s, regardless of political affiliation.”  The fact is, the city of New York is now the safest large city in the country.  The economy is booming and its full speed ahead.  Most non-disenfranchised residents, regardless of race, religion, color or ethnicity, will realize this when stepping in to the polling booth.  Other than a couple of controversial policies like Stop and Frisk, which works by the way, there are not many issues for de Blasio to run against.  The city has never been better or healthier.

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