New York City Voters Choose Disaster


Update: Bill de Blasio has won the New York City Mayoral Election.  Apparently the majority of New Yorker’s are smoking crack with Rob Ford.  When the city deteriorates over the next four years, they will have no one but themselves to blame.  Escape from New York may be an exaggeration but if Bill has his way, the city will be far less safe.  Of course those who will suffer most are those in poor neighborhoods but they aren’t enlightened enough to realize that.  And if Bill expects to tax the rich to death, they will find a way to beat him, thereby hurting the city.  Get ready New York, you will soon get what you deserve.

While not necessarily a Joe Lhota fan, he is by far the lesser of the evils when it comes to the New York City Mayoral Election.  Bill de Blasio, is by far the worst choice since David Dinkins but at least Dinkins was likable.  When starting this Blog over a year ago, the purpose was to speak the truth despite public opinion.  The truth is the truth and must never be abandoned for any reason.

Let’s first look at the current and outgoing Mayor.  Whether one likes Billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg certainly depends on where you are in terms of economic standing.  But he has never been involved in a scandal, certainly never accepted a bribe and he tells the truth, just like his Republican predecessor, Rudolph Giuliani.  No one should ever overlook honesty although we have become so used to dishonesty in government that we have become numb to it.  What is an example of honesty?  Mayor Bloomberg saying the reason we don’t tax the rich to death is that they keep the city running.  Poor people take, rich people give.  Now there are some who say that the rich should give more, like DeBlasio but they already give a lot and stealing more of their hard-earned income will not help the city in the long-term.  And yet,  as fiscally conservative and as uncaring as some believe he is, he has strongly supported a woman’s right to choose and gay marriage.  But do you know what would help as much or more than taxing rich people, people who can’t afford to raise five children, having only two.  That would take a lot of cost out of the system and would aid the children in attempting to get them educated so they can get good jobs, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty.  You can’t do that if you have five and can’t take care of them properly.  That’s not Mayor Bloomberg’s fault. That’s sex drive. Nature’s fault, without thought about the consequences.  There’s an old saying that states, “the rich get richer and the poor have children”.  It isn’t nice but true is far more worthy than nice.  How come no one ever addresses poverty and large families?  Why aren’t poor people ever faced with the truth about poverty?  McDonald’s is not a career, so let’s not turn it into one and say it’s worth $25/hr.  Every human being on the planet is capable of flipping a hamburger.  How much value can therefore be tied to it?!  And that’s why I’m not a politician.

Now on to Joe Lhota.  He stands for what the majority of people who back Bloomberg stand for and many other moderate democrats.  He supports stop and frisk; understands the importance of attracting big business and won’t bow down to unions. That’s the kind of leadership we need.  Stop and frisk works.  Bringing it to neighborhoods with low crime rates simply wouldn’t make sense.  It would be a waste of resources.  To deny the high crime in the inner city/projects, would simply be a denial of the truth.  And don’t forget who is helped most by stop and frisk, the innocent people most likely to be victims of crime!

Since I don’t personally know one single person, including lifelong Democrats, or anyone in business, who’s voting for DeBlasio, I find it incredibly difficult to believe he will beat Lhota by 40 points.  But even if he wins by one point, the city will face a downturn not seen since Dinkins and Mayor John Lindsay.  New York City today has the lowest murder rate of any major city in the country and overall crime is low as well.  The economy is healthy and a construction boom is taking place throughout the city.  Neighborhoods in Brooklyn, thought long-lost to poverty and crime have reemerged as the “hot” places to live.  New York City is on the correct path and has been under the previous two mayors, why would anyone want to derail that progress?!!

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