Cheerleading Coach Charged With Sexual Assault


A 27-year-old cheerleading coach at Tulpehocken High School located outside Reading, Pennsylvania has been charged with having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male student.  Nicole Kurowski surrendered to authorities and has been released on bail.  Pennsylvania State Police contend that Kurowski engaged in an inappropriate relationship both on and off school grounds.  Police said they had recovered photos and text messages, some of which stated that “I Love You”.  District Superintendent, Edward Albert stated that he had received a tip in early September that started the investigation.  He told WFMZ-TV that, “I think whenever you are in education, and you are trying to work with kids and you see something like this happen, it is disheartening.” Krowski has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of her trial.

While a relationship with a student in clearly inappropriate, a few things must be considered.

1) Every 17-year-old male is spending the majority of his day either thinking about sex and how to get it, or is engaging in sex, even if it’s by himself.  Males and females are Very Different at 17.  Males run with their libido.  Females run with their psychology; their feelings.  It’s no different than the fact that although most women are having children later in life, the optimum age for conceiving and childbirth is still 18 to 25.  Societal norms can not change nature.  Regardless of their ages, the 17-year-old male is a predator, not unlike a shark, waiting and seeking out his next or first conquest.  So let’s not make believe he’s a victim who will be scarred for life.  He’s 17, not 11.  Any straight male reading this and viewing the photo of his teacher is thinking the same thing, if only…

2) What’s emotionally wrong with a 27-year-old woman who would want a relationship with a 17-year-old?  She’s obviously is immature and incapable of dealing with men her own age.  She shouldn’t share many things in common with a teenager.  It clearly points to stunted development of her social skills.  Therapy is in order.

And finally;

3)There’s an implied trust factor, professionalism that must be maintained between teachers and students; a solid black line.  If she was so infatuated or in love with him, she should have waited until he graduated.  With all of the stories in the news about relationships between teachers and students over the past number of years, why would a teacher take such a risk?  Perhaps it was exciting for her, perhaps she really does have feelings for him.  But the one main difference between human beings and animals, is free choice and she should have exercised her choice, not to cross that line.

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