Venezuela’s Maduro Sends In Troops To Force Electronics Retailer To Charge “Fair” Prices


In what can only be described as a government and country out of control, President Nicolas Maduro sent troops in to an electronics retailer in order to force it to charge “fair” prices.  The order against retailer Daka, caused mayhem in its five locations with looting reported.  It was suggested that the government made this decision in order to gain support prior to municipal elections.

Maduro is extremely unpopular with inflation running at 54%.  In order to deflect the harsh criticism against him, he blames the economic crisis on the United States saying that the US is waging an economic war and is guilty of collusion with the political opposition.  Of course he is desperate enough to blame his own mother at this point.  On state television his own words clearly showed how out of touch he is.  He referred to the Daka takeover by saying, “This is for the good of the nation.  Leave nothing on the shelves, nothing in the warehouses.  Let nothing remain in stock!”  So once the goods are gone, then what?  He is like a child, a very stupid, child.  The people of Venezuela need to replace this President before he causes irreparable damage.

This type of economic policy I’m quite sure isn’t in any textbook.  Clearly, Maduro and his failing economic policy is causing him to take desperate measures.  What the obviously unprepared and unqualified President doesn’t understand, is he can’t control the economy by force.  He might win some supporters who believe in “Robin Hood Economics”, but long-term, the entire economy of Venezuela is in jeopardy.  Even the Chinese eventually figured this out.  Quite simply, Maduro is an unqualified leader, hand chosen by Chavez because of his loyalty to him.  But in no way should he be in charge of a nation.  What he better understand, is that the only way out of this crisis is through economic prosperity not through government takeovers.  That never worked in the past and it certainly won’t work in the present.  Socialism of the kind that Maduro and his predecessor believed in, is dead!!  Free markets with some government regulation is what drives economic prosperity.  Maduro better figure that out quickly, or it may be too late.

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