Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Should Resign


Is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford kidding?  He holds a press conference to tell the press to leave him and his family alone?  He’s a good father?  Ford is the dictionary definition of insane.  He should be hanging out with Elliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner. Make a great law firm; “Spitzer, Weiner and Ford”.  The slogan would be, “if you’re a crackhead, alcoholic, womanizer or sexual deviant, we’re the firm for you.”  Sorry Mayor Ford but smoking crack and excessive drinking….that makes you a bad father.  You deserve everything you get and all the pressure you claim to be under is all of your own making.  In his most recent press conference, he vowed to take legal action against his chief of staff and two other staff members for allegations they made to the police.  Who should we believe, the three people who made the allegations or the crack head alcoholic.  He has lost all of his credibility and instead is a liability.

Rob Ford should resign.  Any real man would.  A real man would want to spare his family any more embarrassment.  A real man would apologize and beg forgiveness from the good people of Toronto and then sail off in to the sunset.  For the good of Canada and out of respect for his position, he should walk away.  Rob Ford has demonstrated by his actions, that he only serves himself.  He can no longer be an effective Mayor and for him to hold on to his position demonstrates just how out of touch he is.  Perhaps he’s following the lead of Weiner and truly believes that if he stays out of the spotlight for a few days, this whole thing might blow over.  But it isn’t going to happen.  It hasn’t happened.

Instead, he will be dragged out kicking and screaming.  The Toronto City Council voted overwhelmingly to strip Ford of some of his powers and the Council is going to meet again to vote on removing most of his other powers.  Once that happens he has little choice but to leave.  However, true to form, he has vowed to fight the motion, “I can’t support this and obviously I have no other options but to challenge this in court.”  The motion, introduced by Councilor John Filion, would prevent Ford from firing executive committee members who speak out against him.  That would be in keeping with who he is.  Simply, Ford is a bully and should not be released from scrutiny until he’s gone.  Anything else would be a mockery.

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