Kerry Expresses Regret Over Incident With Diplomat


United States Secretary of State John Kerry called a top Indian official to express “regret” over the incident involving an Indian diplomat accused of Visa fraud.  The diplomat in question, Devyani Khobragade was allegedly handcuffed and strip-searched last week.  Secretary Kerry spoke with the Indian Defense Secretary who described the incident as “despicable and barbaric.”  Khobragade has denied allegations that she paid her maid less than the minimum wage, and was released on bail.  In response to her arrest, India media reported that “Ms Khobragade was being transferred from her post as deputy consul general in New York to the UN mission in an effort to secure her immunity.”  Indian Foreign minister Salman Khursheed said it was his duty to restore the diplomat’s dignity. “The most important, immediate concern is to ensure that no further indignity is inflicted upon the young officer. And we are taking steps to ensure legally whatever is possible that we implement that immediately,” Mr Khursheed told the Indian parliament.  `

Two important points must now be made: 1) Since when do Indian males respect and defend women’s rights?  Women in India are neither respected or defended in that backwards, supposedly Democratic but terribly corrupt country.  How many gang rapes and murders of women have we seen in India in the past year?  Female babies are often aborted or killed as they are undesirable.  Women, in much of Indian society, are property, nothing more and Secretary Kerry should have pointed that out before accepting the tongue lashing at the hands of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who described Ms Khobragade’s treatment as “deplorable”.  Instead, Mr Kerry called Indian National Security Adviser Shivshankar Menon in an effort to ensure the incident would not hurt the two nations’ close relationship.

That brings me to point number 2) Once again, the Obama administration has managed to make the United States look weak and pathetic.  The correct response should have been, “We are looking in to the allegations but please don’t lecture the United States on women’s rights.  India’s record on women’s rights is abysmal.  If improper behavior is discovered, it will be dealt with internally.  I will get back to you at the proper time.”  President Obama simply doesn’t understand the power and the responsibility he possesses.  He continually undermines the standing of the United States in the world and that’s probably his greatest flaw.  Obama is an all or nothing President.  Either he’s killing people with drones, a simple act that doesn’t require his personal involvement, or surrendering with his words.  Not since our weakest President, Jimmy Carter have we witnessed such incompetency in foreign affairs, although even Carter could claim success in the Camp David Accords.  It’s time Obama, Kerry and the rest of his administration develop a competent foreign policy and strategy for dealing with our allies and adversaries.  But as he heads in to his 6th year in office, it’s probably too late.

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