NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Sworn In: Let The Nightmare Begin

Bill de Blasio, Bill Clinton

The new Mayor of New York City Bill De Blasio, has now been sworn in and so begins the demise of the City of New York.  The new mayor spoke of dreams at his inauguration, “Big dreams are not a luxury reserved for the privileged few but the animating force in every community in every borough,” he said. “Today we commit to a new progressive direction in New York.”  He continued, “Let me be clear when I said that I will take dead aim at the tale of two cities.”  Dreaming is all well and good but without the ability, drive or background necessary to change one’s life, dreams are nothing more than fantasies.  That’s probably the largest single problem with the arguments of progressive liberals. Never do they point the finger at the people who are the ones De Blasio hopes to help.  For example, having a baby at 16 or 17 out-of-wedlock, all but assures you will spend your life in poverty but more importantly, it all but ensures that the child, children, will remain in abject poverty.  For once, a progressive liberal, maybe even our new mayor, needs to stand up and declare, yes the system has some inequality but you need to pull your weight as well.  Out of wedlock births are unacceptable.  You can’t blame big business or government for your shortcomings.  Instead, they simply cry the message that the world is unfair and the rich hold everyone else down.  This isn’t France in 1789.  It’s a sickening message and one that should be rejected by anyone seeking the truth.  So the war on the wealthy has begun.  It’s a battle he can not win.  The wealthy, who support this city through taxes and charity won’t be bullied by an out of touch liberal who himself lives in a wealthy Park Slope, Brooklyn neighborhood.

But that’s just one of the major flaws in policy that he discussed.  His plan to do away with stop and frisk, the very policy that has made New York the safest, large city in America is absurd and insane.  De Blasio is a liar as is anyone who claims that New York City police officers abuse this policy.  Business men in suits aren’t being thrown up against a wall and frisked with no probable cause.  However, if you live in a high crime area and are roaming the streets at 3:00AM on a Tuesday morning, chances are, you might be stopped and questioned.  The majority of hard-working citizens who don’t work the overnight shift aren’t roaming the streets at all hours of the night.  It is what it is.  While the liberals scream at the inequality of the policy, wait and see what happens if the murder rate in this city jumps in 2014 after 20 years of Republican rule and improving crime statistics.  Either our new Mayor will claim it has nothing to do with his policies or he’ll say, in a clever way, that murder is somehow the price of freedom.  Either argument is insane.

Finally, and most importantly, De Blasio is not a business man.  His degrees from NYU and Columbia (BA & MA) are both geared toward municipal government.  Undergrad he took classes such as Politics of Minority Groups and The Working Class Experience.  But New York is the Center of the World for Business.  It requires a business perspective and entrepreneurial view.  Politics as usual will destroy the city.  There’s no way anyone could look at the man’s record and believe he is what New York City needs.  As of the last day of 2013, Mayor Bloomberg left office with the city in the best state fiscally and socially that it’s ever been in its history.  It will be difficult to watch its demise.  I simply wanted to go on the record so I can say I told you so.

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