The Cove Atlantis Paradise Island Cuisine-Part 3


There is only one word to describe the food at Atlantis, “Expensive”.  If you’re from New York City, Chicago or LA it won’t shock you but if not, the food prices can be overwhelming.  While there are many restaurants at Atlantis, I believe 21, none of them are exceptional.  Nobu, which is located inside the casino is probably the best if you like sushi.  In the Cove, there are three dining choices, MESA Grill, Mosaic-which is a buffet restaurant and Sea Glass which is a lounge.  Of the three restaurants at the Cove the best food was in the Sea Glass Lounge.  It also was the most reasonably priced.  I highly recommend the ribs.

The outdoor dining choices at the Cove include Cain at the Cove, which is located at the adult only pool.  The food can only be described as average or below average.  This is not great food but is very convenient if you don’t feel like getting out of your lounge chair.  It’s typical pool food, only more expensive.  The drinks are reasonably priced but vary from drink to drink if you’re ordering the local fix like the Bahama Mama.  Better outdoor dining and better drinks can be purchased at the Lagoon Bar and Grill.

In addition to Nobu, inside the casino there is an Olives which serves fairly good Italian cuisine.  It’s easily one of the better choices and is also reasonably prices.  Just outside the casino as you walk towards the convention center is Chop Stix, a Chinese restaurant.  The food was good, not great but served many favorites if you’re into Chinese food.  This was another reasonably priced choice and a nice change of pace.

Three final comments; First, if you are looking for great food on your vacation, the Atlantis is not the place to go.  The fine dining restaurants are over priced and the food is not to the level you would expect if eating in a major city.  Second, a 15% gratuity is added on to all restaurant bills.  It’s very convenient but if service is less than adequate the thought tends to be that the wait staff doesn’t have to be attentive because they know they will receive a 15% tip.  However, whenever the service was exceptional I added on money to bring the tip to the customary 20-25%. Third, the outdoor dining areas at the Cove, do not accept cash.  It’s convenient if you don’t feel like carrying cash or credit cards but you will need your room key.

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