Alex Morgan Proves In S.I. Swimsuit Issue That A Woman Need Not Have Implants To Be Sexy


The 50th anniversary, 2014 issue of Sport Illustrated Swimsuit edition is easily its most sexy to date.  The women are not only beautiful but the photos are tasteful, albeit sexy.  The photos simply reflect our culture and societal norms.  Women should be able to show their beauty without having to be considered selling out or mere sex objects.  For those unaware, women have taken control of their sexuality whereas years ago, pre-women’s liberation, pre “I am woman here me roar”, women were also sex objects, but to their husbands.  Women were expected to perform their “wifely duties” regardless of whether or not they enjoyed the activity.  And today, in most non-western countries, women are still expected to perform their wifely duties.  They have no choice.  Of course most of this is due to the fact that the men in these cultures have low self-esteems and follow religions that are clearly dominated by men.  In reality, men in these countries believe the only way to keep their wives faithful, is by oppression.

What’s important about the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is that it shows that a gorgeous woman like Alex Morgan, even without breast implants, is as sexy and feminine as a woman with implants.  Despite the women’s movement, so many women still view themselves only as beautiful as the size of their breasts.  Blame men for that I suppose.  But if anything should be taken away from this year’s issue is that Alex Morgan is perfect the way she is.  Hopefully she won’t allow any influences to convince her that she is less than she could be because she doesn’t possess D-Cup breasts.

Of course the same can be said of any plastic surgery.  While all those who undergo procedures claim it’s to make them feel better about themselves, clearly that isn’t the case.  Women in Hollywood and models are essentially washed up or finished once they begin looking older.  Look at women like Melanie Griffith and Goldie Hawn for example.  It’s horrible what they’ve done to themselves.  Of course powerhouses such as Meryl Streep and Dame Judy Dench buck that trend.  While it’s true all of the swimsuit models are young, at least there’s a focus on a variety of women, not just the so-called standard of beauty.  Years ago it was the overly thin and now it’s the busty and buxom.  So great job Time Warner and Sports Illustrated for showing that beautiful women come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  It’s not sexist or exploitive, it’s just the truth.

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