Rob Ford Launches Reelection Campaign

Rob Ford

Rob Ford has become so famous or infamous in these United States that more people think of him when hearing the name Ford than the 38th President, Gerald Ford.  In what can only be described as a longshot, the egotistical Ford has indeed launched his bid for reelection as Mayor of Toronto.

In announcing his bid for reelection, Ford said, “No matter what challenges lay ahead, no matter what mud is thrown at me, my message couldn’t be clearer: I won’t back down.”  He continued, “The people of Toronto deserve nothing less than accessibility, accountability and transparency and I know I’m the right person for the next four years to continue doing the right job at the right time.”  Is he on drugs?!  It’s almost unbelievable, unfathomable, to believe that a man, who admitted taking drugs while Mayor and who has been stripped of many of his powers, would even consider running.  But I suspect the very thing that makes Ford such a lunatic is the same affliction that would allow him to even consider running for reelection.

Ford not only was an embarrassment to himself and his family but the entire country of Canada.  In fact the only people who like Ford are the late night talk show hosts who found endless material in his ongoing escapades.  Ford should have received a paycheck from all of the networks.  If the people of Toronto reelect him it will say something very unfortunate about society; that we have lost all sense of standards and decency.  Clearly Ford is not fit to be Mayor or dog walker for that matter.  If by some miracle or act of stupidity, he is reelected it will be the clearest case of “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”  It’s time for the good people of Toronto to end the shameful political career of Rob Ford.

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