Boxing Resurgence Continues WIth Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford-Yuriorkis Gamboa Classic


Despite all of the negative talk about boxing and how it’s dying, or at least how it’s fallen out of favor, there have been some incredible boxing matches so far in 2014.  Every time there’s a big fight, regardless of where it’s held, the areas are filled to capacity.  On this night, Terence Crawford packed his home arena with 10,000 plus fans and they weren’t disappointed.

Terence Crawford, Yuriorkis Gamboa proved to be a classic, hard-fought contest which reminded boxing fans why they love the sport.  Round 9 may prove to be round of the year and will be viewed excitedly, for years to come.  Crawford is a rising star with 24 wins, 17 by knockout and Gamboa is Gamboa, now 23-1.  He fights hard and tries to destroy his opponents every time out.  He’s tough as nails and no one can ever question his heart.  He just refuses to quit.  In fact he would have continued in this fight but thankfully the referee was merciful and understood that Gamboa was just a little too brave on this particular night and might have sustained serious injury had he continued.  Crawford hit Gamboa with some of the cleanest hardest shots that a boxer can land. Gamboa was down in the fifth, after arguably taking the first 4 rounds, and twice in the 9th, ultimately being KOd by a beautiful Crawford uppercut.

The more important story here however is that we have another rising star in boxing and his name is Terence Crawford.  He put on a beautiful display of boxing, brawling and guts that demonstrated why the sport of boxing is so special.  Boxing isn’t back because it never left.  I for one am tired of all of the critics of the sweet science.  Have there been horrible decisions over the years that could really piss off true fans?  Absolutely, and it’s unfortunate when it happens but that doesn’t detract from the skill and heart of the two men standing toe to toe in the ring.  Even though I’m a Martial Artist, I still prefer boxing over MMA because of the skill level of the elite boxers.  MMA is very different and the two should not even be compared.  Each one should be appreciated for what they are.  Of course until MMA fighters receive million dollar paychecks and the fanfare that surrounds a huge fight night in Vegas, it will always stand in the shadow of boxing.


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