An Experiment In Cyber Bullying


As a Progress Conservative, I am very disturbed over the fact that the Religious Right and ultra, conservatives have taken the GOP to a place from which it may never recover.  The party of Lincoln is dead, hijacked by religious zealots and racists who have changed the public discourse from serious debate and discussion to pure emotion and unadulterated hatred.

In response to these fanatics, for lack of a better term, I decided to see if I could provoke them into a debate on Twitter, over where the country is currently and who is to blame.  In order to do this, I played devils advocate on a number of issues which I knew would never be realized by any of these ultra conservative, right-wing despots.  They did not disappoint as I was able to bring out a number of crazies who simply believe they are right and every one else is wrong.  When they ran out of what they believed to be cogent and intelligent arguments, they started in with the name calling.  Essentially tag teaming and doing whatever they could to insult and provoke me.  What they failed to realize is that I’m not a 14-year-old girl who can be frazzled by morons.  Had we all been in the same room, they would have learned that lesson first hand.  This is one of the great problems with social media.  It allows people to be brave and play make believe.  These idiots believe this President is evil incarnate.  I don’t agree with most of President Obama’s decisions or his politics in general but he is the President of these United States and he deserves the respect that the title affords him.

These same people believe that they must save the country for their children, whatever that means.  What it really means is that blacks and Jews have no place in the United States.  That Gays and Lesbians are evil and that they will burn in hell and so on and so forth.  They are the thoughts and beliefs of every dangerous dictator who ever inhabited this earth.  There is no room for this debate in America.  Fortunately, the majority of the country has become enlightened and these small-minded individuals will eventually be swept away by the new reality.

Unfortunately for Republicans like me, (fiscal conservatives, social liberals), men like Governor Bobby Jindal is only making it worse.  He recently said that a rebellion is coming. Is that the way a responsible politician should speak?  But he is not a responsible politician and is in fact an embarrassment for the Republican Party.  Because of men like Jindal, there is the real possibility that a Republican will never again hold the office of President.  What’s sad about that is that other than Mrs. Clinton, the Democrats really don’t have any serious candidates.  But the GOP has absolutely no one except for Rand Paul.  If he is to be taken seriously he is going to have to steer towards the center.

To all the despotic bullies on Twitter and throughout social media.  Big mouths and bullying doesn’t win an argument or make you right.  It simply makes you a closed-minded simpleton who, because of a lack of control over your own existence, lash out against those with whom you disagree.  I believe in this country and the fact that the tears in our fabric will eventually be mended in time, as they always have.


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