Only With The Demise Of Hamas Will Israel End The Hostilities


Unlike all of the previous battles with Hamas, Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu appear poised to follow through, to its end, with this latest conflict.  This will not be done with a cease-fire but rather with by the surrender or annihilation of Hamas.  Israel has reached the point of no return when it comes to threats from Hamas.  If the terrorist group does not cease firing rockets in to Israel, Israel will not cease hostilities until every rocket, rocket launcher and Hamas operative is eliminated.  There is a point at which talks and peace become meaningless.  Israel no longer wants to live under the threat of an organization that wants to see her demise and the death of Jews throughout the world.  There is no compromising with Hamas, just like there was no compromising with Hitler.  The difference this time is that Israel is a sovereign nation with weapons and well-trained soldiers.

What’s unfortunate is that in the midst of this mission, innocent people are being injured and killed.  But if the perpetrators are cowardly enough to hide their weapons and themselves amongst the average citizens, a cowardly act to be sure, then there will be casualties.  Israel is no longer interested in a return to the status quo.  She is not looking for an opportunity to end the conflict so Hamas can save face and over time, be able to retool.  Hamas leaders are dictators, despots and average Palestinians are not fans but they are fearful of the terrorist organization because their lives are in danger if they speak against them. So until Hamas is finished off, this conflict will continue.

This of course will not play well in the world as casualties mount but the world does nothing to help solve the serious issues in that part of the world.  Countries only become vocal when conflict flares.  Otherwise, no one cares.  It’s so damn hypocritical.  The kidnapping and murder of three innocent Israeli teenage boys was the straw that broke the camel’s backs.  It makes no difference that Hamas has denied involvement while praising the cowardly act.  Israel needs to do everything she can to avoid casualties but the Palestinians need to recognize that Hamas is not the Gateway to a Palestinian State.  Only through peace and negotiations will that ever become a reality.

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